Check Aadhar Card Update Status Online

Check Aadhar Card Update Status Online:

UIDAI has provided facilities to update aadhar card online but many times aadhar card update has been rejected due to the data miss match so may have looked for check aadhar card update status online so we have provided full article about how to check aadhar card update status check online

Aadhar Card Update Check online:

Here All the Step Are given to you. Please Read all the Step then Check your Aadhar update status.follow a procedure for Chek Aadhar card updated or not?

STEP 1: Go to Official website of UIDAI



STEP 2: Fill All the details: Aadhar number and URN Number And click on Get Status button



Note: URN Number Has been generated when you have applied for aadhar update request

STEP 3: finally see your whether Aadhar card update not




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  1. Dear sir,

    I have a Aahar Card having number XXXX and it was issued in the state of Andhra Pradesh.As i have been transferred from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh to Kolkata,West Bengal , i have requested for correction in the Address . The updation was requested through URN.XXXX date 26/08/2017 12:38:50. The address for updation is XXX.The name of the Agency is B N K Capital Marketing Limited.

    IIt has been observed that while seeing the status of Aadhaar card it has been cimmunicating to mr that my Aadhaar card has been generated but while going to take download it is showing that Please re-check your details, data does not match our records..

    Pl convey me the latest status of my card.

    Achir Kumar

    1. Dear Achir.

      using enrollment slip you can download or adhar card ? if you download using aadhar card then try to download aadhar card using enrollment id.If continue same error then call Toll free number 1947.

      Keep in mind never share your aadhar card detail online or anyone else.

      Thank you

  2. Wanted to know status. Enrolment no. Is 1528/XXXXX/XXXXX

    1. hello please check aadhar card status( with this link

    2. I can not check my aaddar card updated using the enrolment number?

      1. Please call on 1947 Aadhar toll-free number and tell your query

  3. Hi,
    My son’s aadhar enrollment was done in their school 2 years back but till date we had not received his card OR no.

    how to process further

    1. you have Number number so please check whether aadhar card generated or not With this link( aadhar card is generated so download aadhar card online else please contact your nearest aadhar center tell us your problem l am sure you will get a better solution their

  4. Sir please check this addara card

    1. Dear Fakkiraddi
      You Can Download Your Aadhar Card Using Our Website Tutorial Follow Step For Aadhar Download
      Visit Site आधार कार्ड ऑनलाइन कैसे डाउनलोड करे

  5. Checkking Out for frnds aadhar Card

  6. I losses my mobile number and email id
    How to update in aadhar other mobile and email?

    1. visit Near Aadhar Card Center for update aadhar

  7. I am unable to change my name pls tell me how to change y name

    1. Dear Goutham,
      now A day Only update Aadhar card Adress on Online, So you need to Visit Aadhar card Center

  8. Hi,
    i tried to update the address for my aadhar card using online service, attaching my bank pass book as address proff. when i checked the status, it’s displaying “TRANSLITERATION ERROR IN THE REQUEST FIELD”.

    I am not getting clear picture of the rejection, please let me know

    1. please Call On 1947 for Adhar card Helpline number and tell your issue

  9. My URN number number is showing to be invalid . What should I do.

    1. please Enter properly without “/” this and try again later

  10. I am from Hyderabad, Telangana State and I have been trying to update the aadhar with regard to change of address online but it is always showing that it is being rejected due to transliteration error. PL suggest some remedial measures. I have been typing the English version correctly.


    1. it is possibly a data entry or missing data error in your demographics data i.e. your name, address, father’s name and the operator details who enrolled you.
      Transliteration is the process of converting a word to its phonetic (similar sound) equivalent in another language.
      In Aadhaar enrolment, all your demographic details are transliterated to the local language of the state where the enrolment happened. Any error in that should be visible on the screen during enrolment.
      Mentioning this error as the cause for rejection post enrolment is admittedly a little strange.
      I suppose you can simply Re-update with correction.

  11. I am from Hyderabad, Telangana State. How much time does it take for updating the change of address in the aadhar

  12. I changed the address of my 2 daughters on Dec 2016, I received the New Aadhar Card for my elder daughter but, till now I did not received for my younger daughter, when I tried to check the status thru site, I am continuously getting invalid URN Number, I have the screenshot of the URN number and which is a 16digit including / and followed by : and datestamp. From this number what exactly is the URN number, I tried with all possible combinations, it is not working. Could you please help me with this

    1. Dear Sanjeev Kumar G,

      Please CAll On 1947 (toll-free) and Check Your Aadhar card Status Live with Aadhar Card helper.

  13. I have updated my bio metrics yesterday… How many days will it take to update in aadhar card????

    1. it is instant processing for your Aadhar updation

  14. Sir i have updated the spelling of the Father’s name in the nearest Government Centre, they gave a slip with URN number, but if i enter that URN in this
    the website shows “INCORRECT URN NUMBER”…
    PLease help me in this regard

    1. Please enter Without “/” sign and try again. If still error occur then call on 1947 Adhar card Help line number


    1. Please Call On Aadhar helpline Number 1947 Toll-free and tell them

      1. Dipak malaji patil
        year of birth

  16. sir i have aadhar update bat not process success on date 06/12/2017

    1. What The problem ?


    We updated our family’s ADHAAR details (address change & mobile number ) . On checking it is showing updated but the download ADHAAR is just not working. OTP not coming in time.

    1. Visit this link and check tutorial about how to download aadhar card. Read all the step carefully and then try.

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