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Updated: November 28, 2017 — 11:07 am


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  1. Hello sir memu house change chesetapudu ma Aadhar card’s poyayi vatini epudu eala replacement chesukovali

    1. Please Update aadhar card using online portal or visit near aadhar center

      1. Iragamreddy kotiswarreddy

        How to Aaddar card phone number change
        My gmail

        1. Please Visit Nearest Adhar card Center For updation

  2. There is a spelling mistake in my name as “Akshath instead of Akshatha” in new aadhaar card, how to correct it.
    The card is not yet despatched and just now generated

    1. you need to update your aadhar card please visit this link and check instruction

  3. Sharad Raghunath Mane

    My old mobile number loss
    So how new mobile update???

    1. you need to visit a nearest aadhar card center for update your mobile number.

  4. I have updated my Aadhaar card details from the local center few days back and I want to see the online status of the requisite change in the Aadhaar card but no link/website is being opened or displayed in the computer. Kindly advise how to open the relevant link to see the current status on line.

    1. dear subir,
      you want to check aadhar status ?

      Then here simple step for aadhar card status check follow given link url.

  5. i have linked my mobile no. with Aadhar. how much days its takes to update.
    3 days has been passed still not showing updated in the site.

    1. maximum 7 to 10 day for any data updating for aadhar card. if not update then retry.

      1. My aadhar card not finasing xsyp tayd, my. Convince to aadhar customer center update aadhar card my e-mail id and mobile Number

        1. Please call 1947 for your aadhar card related Query.

  6. Dear sir some mistake in my aadarr card…how to corract it….


    1. Dear Shaikh Mahemud doesn’t worry about your loss aadhar card. Here we help you to download aadhar card. you need to follow website for aadhar card download. in this site give you a tutorial about how to download aadhar card. just you need to go through and select enrollment id and enter your enrollment detail, at last, enter your mobile that you have right now. (no need to linked mobile number any mobile number worked that you have). for more info please call on 1947 (toll free).

      Note: never share your aadhar card related information with anyone else and any place)

  8. After validation and download it is asking for a password in case I want to download my own adhar card as an soft copy at home… how I can generate that password.

    1. dear sarth sharma,
      your aadhar card password is nothing but it is your 6 digit zip code (pincode). just enter your 6 digit pin code in your aadhar soft copy you can open aadhar card.

  9. How can I link adhar with bank account

    1. Dear Krishna kant,

      You Want to link adhar card to bank account right?
      Visit your bank branch and tell them to link adhar card with your account.
      another process is online. in that, you have to use net banking and find the respected option for aadhar card linking.


  10. Narindar Kumar Sharma

    I got my mobile linked to aadhar card through Aadhar centre.I can verify it online.But IDEA mobile centre on reverification says it is not linked. Why so??

    1. Some time Server Response not going on. please try again for link Adhar card with mobile. If still Problem then call On Aadhar card Helpline number 1947 Toll-free.

  11. How to update my mobile no

    1. Dear Naveen,
      If you have already link mobile number with Aadhar card and that number you have right now then you can change the mobile number at online.If you do not link mobile number before then you need to visit near Aadhar card center.

  12. Which number are URN number

    1. When you submit a request for Aadhar card update that time at last URN number Generated. using URN number you can check the status of your aadhar.

  13. how to download new adhar card otp solution

    1. Please Visit our website and follow step for download Adhar card From Uidai.

  14. How can I update address of my wife as she has no address proof at new address ,however I ,her husband has address proof.

    1. Dear B N Subbarao,

      Your Aadhar card proof is valid document for update your wife aadhar card adress, so kindly visit aadhar card center and update aadhar card. for more info please call on 1947 tollfree number.

      Note:- Never share aadhar card detail with anyone.

      thank you

  15. How can I download my aadhar card ?

    1. Dear Adity Jha,
      Here we give help about your query.
      There is two way to download Aadhar card.
      1. using Enrollment Id and
      2. Using Aadhar card.

      The option 2 is used when your mobile number linked with Aadhar card.
      If you dont linked your mobile number with then choose option 1.
      Check Tutorial here to How to Download aadhar card
      Visit Site

  16. How mobile no change in aadhar card

    1. You need to update mobile number in Adhar Card right?
      Please visit Adhar card Website and follow step for online updation process for adhar card in UIDAI Web Protal.

  17. I am not able to enter pin why

    1. Please Check Your keyboard And Turn-on Num Lock. Then Try again

  18. My dhar card is lots so what can do for . Get adhar?

    1. Dear Rajesh,
      Your Aadhar card is Loss Right? Here few Quotation I m asking you.
      1) Have you Aadhar number?
      2) Have you Enrollment Slip?

      If yes any one help to you for Download Your aadhar card.Please Follow Step For Aadhar Card Download on clicking Blue Link.

      If still Truble then Call On 1947 Toll free number For Aadhar Help Line.

      Note: Never share your Aadhar CArd Number with anyone else.

  19. how to change spell check my self and father name in Aadhar

    1. You need To update Aadhar Card From UIDAI portal.

      Check Step For Update Aadhar Card On following Website.


  20. Sir i want to download e aadhar online but my link Mobile number is not there so how to download

    1. Dear Yash,
      If your mobile number linked With Aadhar card and OTP does not come to this Issue Might be occurred because of Server load or Internet connectivity. If you still Ocure the Same issue then Use Enrollment slip to Download Adhar card.Using Enrollment Slip you need To Enter Mobile number At last.Enter The Mobile number that Must be you have.

      Note:- Don’t Share Your Aadhar Number Publicly.

  21. Wanted to know status. Enrolment no. Is XXX

  22. Sir,
    I am resident of Kolkata, 700061. My father cannot climb stairs. He is ill. How can I get his Adhar Card. He is Pension Holder of State Government. My question is how can I get Adhar Card for Him?
    My Father’s Name is Ashis Dutta

    1. Please Call On helpline number 1947 Toll-free number for More info.

  23. Hii,
    Sir I was missed my aadhar card, but I know my aadhar number and my quation is how can I get my aadhar card. Is there any options to check my aadhar details in my mobile.

    Regurds by
    Bijjam rambabu

    1. Dear Bijjam Rambabu,
      Yes, There is Option to Download Aadhar Using Your Aadhar number or Enrollment Id.
      Please Visit below Site For Tutorial About How to Download Aadhar card.
      Visit Link

  24. Sir/ madam how to change my name in aadhaar card and register mobile no

    1. Please Update Your Aadhar Card Online Thought the online process. For Offline Process You need to visit Aadhar Center and For Online You need To follow this tutorial About How To update Aadhar card online.

      Check link

  25. My son lost his card I don’t have copy so I need to get adharcard so what is the prose sure for the same or by his birthdate I can get it adharcard.

    1. You can Download Aadhar Card Using Enrollment Slip.

  26. How to get back on fingerprint problem in aadhar

    1. Visit Near AAdhar Card Center.

  27. Hi,

    My daughter is 3 years old and when her Aadhar was created, my wife’s biometrics were taken.

    My name in her Aadhar in D/O field is not correct and need to be updated.

    How can I update it online? As my wife’s biometrics have been taken, do i need to provide my wife’s POA (self attested)or can i provide mine as well?

    I would like to tell you that the birth certificate is still unavailable as it is still in process.

    1. Right Now in Online Process for Update Aadhar Card only Unable to Update Adress. For Name And Any changes, You Need To Visit Aadhar card Center.

  28. I have only a Voter ID and my Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination ID cards from NIOS(National Institute of Open Schooling previously known as NOS or National Open School). I don’t have a Bank account, Driving license or even a Ration card!
    My biggest consern is,
    Are those NIOS ID cards valid or applicable to make an aadhaar card?

    1. Dear Anirban Sen,
      Please Visit Near Aadhar Card Center For more Details.When You Visit aadhar Center At a time Keep Your Voter Id And Your Father Voter Id and Adress proof like Electric Bill Or Gas Bill (One Of This )

  29. i requested for an address change in aadhar card it has been 1 month.. how to check whether the aadhar card is ready

    1. Dear Ashwini,

      When you requested for update address in Aadhar card at a time URN Number Generated. With Help Of URN Number You able to Check Your Aadhar Update Status.Check Tutorial For How To check Aadhar Update Status On Visit Link

        1. Write Full Question On Hindi Or English Language.After We help you with Aadhar Card

  30. I’m permanently off my registered mobile number after aadhar card. Now I want to register again my new mobile number, how it’s possible?????

    1. visit Nearest Aadhar Card Center For Mobile Number Updation.

  31. i requested for change in aadhar card four month ago.The card is generated but i am unable to down load even following the right procedure.what may be the reason.

    1. If your Mobile Number Linked To Your Aadhar card Then process Is Easy to Download.Follow Tutorial For How To Download E Aadhar Check Website Visit Link

  32. what should i type in password to open the e-adhar pdf file?

  33. Is it necessary to get new adhar card after cataract surgery

    1. Even after cataract surgery we registered new adhar but still it showing inactive

      1. Please Call On 1947 For Adhar Card Help

    2. WE Don’t Understand Your Question. Please Describe More

  34. Name. Vagirala Surya Rao. I am changed aadhar address changed please give me message.

    1. If you Updated Aadhar Card Online Then LAST URN Number Generated. Using URN number You can Check AAdhar Update Status Online.If Your Mobile Number Linked To Aadhar card then SMS Will Be sent To your Mobile number.

  35. I have received the eaadhar copy thru email in 2013. I cant find that email now, but I have downloaded copy in my Pc. I dont remember the password to open the same. Please guide me.

    1. The Password is your Area code (ZIPCODE) 6 Digit.

  36. Sir/Madam,
    My new mobile Number updated on 17/10/17 from FCS Govt of Punjab. A massage received on 25/10/17 by VM-Aadhaar i.e “your aadhaar information has been updated. You can download your updated e-aadhaar from”. That is to be done. My correct mobile Number shown in e-aadhar but OTP not recd in new mobile Number

    1. Please Call On 1947 To free number For Your Quiry

  37. Hello sir mera aadhar card me 2 men ka 1 number mil gaya hai to isko badlne koi upay hai sir to plz reply me sir

    1. Agar aap chahe to 2 aadhar card par ek mobile number register he to koi dikkat nahi but aap update karna chahte he to nearest aadhar card center ja ke kar sakte he

  38. 81358XXXXXXX aadhar no.dowlod poblam please sar radii

    1. kya error aa raha he??

  39. nahi he adhar no.nahi he sirf naam se kaise nikale card

    1. Naam Se Aadhar card Download Nai kar pao ge.Mobile Number Jaruri he

  40. Please send me the link for update aadher without registered mobile number

    1. right now their no procedure to update aadhar card without mobile number you have to visit a nearest aadhar card center.

  41. I was already updted my aadhar card when ever i tried to download it is showing Server problem. Please try again after some time. it’s happening from past 1 month

    1. Please Read full tutorial On Site How To Download Aadhar Aadhar Download

  42. I am unable to download e-aadhar card…. I completed each and every steps…. Only downloading zarahclothing big problem please tell me a solution

    1. Please Describe Your problem for which Error occurred in Aadhar Card Download

  43. I sent update request and received URN. I checked update status it shows ‘Your request completed successfully’.

    When will i get printed card after update?

    1. Do i get new card after update? if yes how many days will it take?

      1. You need To download Adhar card on Online uidai Website portal.Within 7-8 Day Take for aadhar update. when you update aadhar at aadhar center than it take 4-5 hour for update. Using Your URN number you cand check aadhar card update status. check Your aadhar status using this tutorial

    2. Your Aadhar card Not send to your address, but you able to download Adhar card by self. check this link for how to get Aadhar card by self.

  44. how I want to download the aadhar in my pc

    1. Dear Sameer,
      Our Website Help to Download Adhar card Here is Tutorial About Aadhar Download.Visit Site

  45. Dear sir,

    I have forget my registered mobile no. to get OTP, so pls help.

    1. Visit Adhar card Center and checked Which number You registered. Or Update Your Aadhar Card With Another number.

  46. whether email can be updated by sending form to Hyderabad centre what document should I enclose?earlier I had sent enrolment slip but my request refused.what should i sent to update and email id?

    1. Dear Uttam Sawant
      Updating Mobile number and email Id is Simplest Process. Just Visit Near Adhar card Center and Link Mobile number with Aadhar card at time OTP sent To your mobile number and your mobile number linked.

  47. in my adhar card, my signature is not verified.there is a question mark( ? ).so can I correct this,please help me

    1. Please Visit Nearest Adhar card Center for this Issue.

      Keep In mind: Never Share Your Adhar card Detail Publicly.

  48. Sir,
    I have update aadher recently. And I have a issue that aadher was not showing in civil supply office what should have to do to rectify this problem is there any link to civil SUPPLIES

    1. Please Call on 1947 (toll Free number)

  49. When I enter my urn in aadher status it was telling INVALID URN NUMBER what should I do now

    1. Don’t use “/” this sign for Check Adhar card status. Only Enter Number And try again.

      1. Still coming invalid urn

        1. Please Call on 1947 Toll-free Aadhar help center.

  50. my photo not clear i want to change?how to do it.

    1. Visit Near Aadhar Card Center And Update your Photo On Adhar Card.

  51. My mother is of 75 years of age. I got her biometrics, date of birth and mobile number upadated in addahar center about six months back. I am not able to down load the aadhar. I contacted various times at aadhar call center (1947) and they informed that the aadhar details have been corrected in the system and advised me to go to some center to down load the aadhar and if still not able to down load aadhar, please do the complete process again. The aadhar centre could not down load and whole process was repeated bu again rejection came. When contacted again the call center said as your aadhar is already made so this rejection came.NOT AWARE WHERE TO GO AND WHOM TO COMPALAINT. PLEASE ADVISE SINCE NOT GETTING ANY HELP ON THIS.

    1. If you have Enrollment Slip then Check You Aadhar card status if your Adhar card generated or not? please visit this link for check status

  52. without visiting aadhar centre how i can update and email id in aadhar card?

    1. if you visit nearest Aadhar card Center then process is fast.

  53. If i have PIO than can i get my aadhar card ?

  54. Kishor Gopal Attarde

    How to add birth date in adhar card?

    1. Visit Near Adhar card Center for This Issue

  55. भमराराम घुखाराम परमार

    सर मेरा आधार कार्ड खो गया है नया डाऊनलोड करना है कया करू

  56. SIR,

    1. No, Online not posible for Link aadhar with mobile you need to visit near aadhar card center.


    sir I want to change my mobile no and edit name spell .how it may online.

    1. on the online portal, only address changes no any change made by online. for the name and mobile number, you need to visit nearest Adhar card Center.

  58. i have not received any message with urn during change of address of my wife. how can i get this urn to see the update status?

    1. If you update Aadhar by self then only URN number You have seen of the last step. Now not possible to getting URN Number.We suggest you to please download your aadhar card and check if your aadhar card change or not.

  59. I lost my regestered mobile number. thats why Ican’t update my address.
    i want to add new number as the regestered mobile number

    1. please visit nearest Aadhar center and update your mobile number.then you are able to aadhar update by self

  60. Thandu pavani kiranmai

    I have applied for address updation online on aaadhar, received UPN no, update status is showing successful but I am not able to download e Aadhar. Adhaar number verification portal is showing my Aadhar no as invalid. plese help me out

    1. please First Read The all the instruction for how to download aadhar card on this Website and follow step for download aadhar card.if currently face same issue then contact Aadhar card helpline thought the call on 1947 Toll Free Number.

  61. How to find out the URL no


    1. yes, Check this link for how to Download e aadhar and download your aadhar card. Follow the step that given on this link.

  63. How to change my register mobile no on adhar card

    1. Right now only Adress update through the Online process. For this, you need to Visit Aadhar card Center


    1. you need to Visit aadhar card Center For this type of Correction With Valid Document Like Marriage Certificate and Old aadhar card voter card any Address proof.

  65. I have my Aadhar card number .Unfortunately,I do not have the card with me as i am out of station.I need a scanned copy of my Aadhar Card for linkage to Bank Account etc.How can I get a scanned copy(both sides) of my card ?

    1. Visit This Website And check Guide how to Download E aadhar and follow step. If you linked mobile number with aadhar card then your are easily Download aadhar card by self on UIDAI portal

  66. I want to change my mobile number registered during you say to change i need enrollment id for mobile number change..i do not have it except my aadhar how to register my permanent mobile number ..sir! please guide me..sir
    thank you!

    1. dear shankar v j,
      Find your aadhar number or Enrollment number online. Check this Article for how to retrieve. follow the step and then process further.

  67. Mere pass enrollment number nahi hh par mobile number hh Jo add hh

    1. please find your Enrollment number using your name and mobile number here you go through and follow step for how to get enrollment id check this link

  68. Sir addhar card Apley karane k kentna din k bade download hota hai

    1. if you have given your mobile number then you get a message about your aadhar card generated or not.Even your aadhar card generated then posted you thought the post office

  69. Address was corrected in aadhaar and I have downloaded it also but which four letters are used to open it that i forgetting i.e first four letter of name then date and month or not ….. kindly suggest

  70. I Downloaded My E Aadhar But I Can’t open What is the Password to open?

    1. check This Image Check

  71. Sir. Aadhar me aashish name kiya huwa hai ese Ashish sharma karna hai so me do bar farm de diya abhi tak name shi nahi huwa hai so aap batwo ki kaya karna hai

    1. Visit Nearest Aadhar center for Name correction with valid document


    1. visit nearest aadhar center and update your mobile number

  73. chow prabitra longkeng

    How to correct my address

  74. i missed my registered mobile number how do i download my Eaadhar??????????

    1. Visit Nearest AAdhar center and Update Your mobile number then try to download aadhar card.

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